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  • 1.  Command to Handle the MarkDone button?

    Posted 12-11-2014 06:37

    I'm using CommandManager to register my custom commands.

    When my main Class is loaded, the only relevant to MarkDone command that the CommandManager allows me to add custom behavior is the "WindowInteractionClose". 

    The thing is that this command allows you to add custom logic after the actual MarkDone is processed.

    I want to add some logic to IW, so tthat the Agent wont be able to complete the MarkDone if some fields in a custom User Control have not been filled.


  • 2.  RE: Command to Handle the MarkDone button?

    Posted 01-05-2015 17:49

    If you need more help, I would suggest reaching out to our Professional Services group, through your Account Manager.

    Roger Farr
    Genesys Customer Care

  • 3.  RE: Command to Handle the MarkDone button?

    Posted 01-08-2015 19:36
    Hi George,

    I have done what you are looking to do many times.

    I believe the WindowInteractionClose command chain actually gets run as the window is closing - probably not what you are looking for.  I made the same mistake when I tried to implement the same behavior.

    I have accomplished this by attaching my command to "BundleClose" before "Close".  If memory serves correctly, BundleClose is run right after an agent clicks the Mark Done button.
    commandManager.InsertCommandToChainOfCommandBefore("BundleClose", "Close",
                    new List<CommandActivator>() { new CommandActivator() { 
                    CommandType = typeof(CaseReleaseCustomCommand), Name = "CaseReleaseCustomCommand" 

    Also something that confused me at first, inside of your custom command if you return true - this cancels the command chain / prevents any further actions in the chain from running.  If you return false, this is considered a "success" and the command chain continues.

    Whenever I have trouble figuring out where to attach my commands I do this - I run IWS, perform the action I am interested in attaching my behavior to, then look in the IWS logs.  The IWS logs will reveal what CommandChains were run.


  • 4.  RE: Command to Handle the MarkDone button?

    Posted 01-29-2015 09:31


    thank you so much for your answer.

    The truth is that, I'd already found the solution to this problem since December but it's exactly as you suggested.

    I attached my Custom Command in BundleClose before Close.

    The way that Custom Commands work (returning 'true' to cancel the command - !!??) confused me a lot too...


  • 5.  RE: Command to Handle the MarkDone button?

    Posted 12-19-2022 08:43
    Could you please help me how do we get instance of interaction under customcommand class. As of now, I am using  below snippet and System throws me null pointer exception on second line getAttachedData.

    IInteractionVoice interactionVoice = parameters["CommandParameter"] as IInteractionVoice;
    string strANI = interactionVoice.GetAttachedData("ANI") as string;


    Rajnish Kumar Roy
    Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc

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