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  • 1.  Creation of new folders in SM

    Posted 02-11-2022 08:18
    Hi all sorry if this sounds a little stupid but i am a Voice Avaya engineer recently asked to help look after Genesys Speechminer so what i might be asking you might think is simple but we are struggling.
    In Speech Miner we have our product folder which the business report on but due to some strange config we are getting over 9000 errors on SM per day the calls for these errors are falling in to a folder called Unknown Programs.
    We have noticed there are a large number of these calls are from people called Team Managers & Induction staff
    The business want to create 2 new folders in SM 1 called Learning & Development  The other Team Managers this wont clear the error log i think once they work out how to syphon these call off they might look at some of the others.

    The business have they think created the two new files and we can see them in SM but no calls are being routed to them they are still going into unknown programs

    Is there a written or hard and fast procedure out there that would tell us what we need to do to create these folders and where currently we have gone wrong

    Thanks again all and apologies

    Tim Firkins

    Tim Firkins
    Saga Group Ltd

  • 2.  RE: Creation of new folders in SM

    Posted 02-13-2022 13:29
    Hi Tim.

    Hello, the recordings should reach Speechminer with metadata information, in this the name of the program to which the recording belongs should appear. From what I understand, it could be that problem. If you don't have access to SMART, you could see from Speechminer UI to search the active programs. The name of the program must be exactly as it is in SMART', since it is key sensitive.


    Mauricio Gómez
    Interacciones Inteligentes S.A.