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  • 1.  Did you can Export schedule information?

    Posted 11-05-2021 08:54
    Edited by Tracy Vickers 12-22-2021 05:46
    Well, I'm happy to say you can and very easy it is, too :-)

    You can download various schedule information into a CSV file (or TXT file for agent shifts) for planning and review purposes.
    You can choose from:

    • Schedule activities, including associated agents, start and end times, description, length, and whether the activity is paid
    • Shifts for each agent in the schedule
    • Scheduled and forecast counts and daily summaries
    • Activity counts and daily summaries

    The system exports schedule data in UTC times. To export schedule information:

    1. Click Admin.
    2. Under Workforce Management, click Schedules.
    3. Search for the schedule you want to export and select it from the list. The schedule editor opens.
    4. Click  Export - the following pop up appears:
    5. Determine the type of schedule information to export:
      • To export only the activities listed in the schedule, click Activities.
      • To export only the shifts for each agent in the schedule, click Agent Shifts.
      • To export the scheduled and forecast counts and daily summaries, click Scheduled and Forecast.
      • To export the activity counts and daily summaries, click Activity Counts.
    6. Click OK. The system downloads the CSV or TXT file to your local Downloads folder.



  • 2.  RE: Did you can Export schedule information?

    Posted 05-19-2022 09:48
    Hi Tracy

    so good to know.  I was thinking about this this morning as I was exporting the scenarios from WFM to email to supervisors for changes in June.


    Shirley Harbers
    Alcatel-Lucent USA Inc.

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