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TIPOFF TUESDAY #2 | Quality Management & Coaching Scavenger Hunt

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  • 1.  TIPOFF TUESDAY #2 | Quality Management & Coaching Scavenger Hunt

    Posted 06-30-2020 10:46
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    Good morning, WEM Community!

    Ahhh, another week, another Tip Off Tuesday.

    Summer is in full swing now, so it's time to really get cracking on our QM Scavenger Hunt! My mom always said to always start with the hardest task on my to-do list; that way I could breeze through the rest of them afterwards. In that spirit, let's try and tackle one of the items that's a bit like a needle in a haystack.


    Customer stories? Genesys has plenty! But to find one that achieved results through quality management might take some digging.

    One such story takes place in Ireland, where a small, innovation-focused call centre was looking for ways to "stay relevant and thrive". What was their name, again? Call___boy?


    Well, that should be one down. Hope this helps you cross this item off your list.

    Happy hunting!

    Marcela Areiza
    Genesys - Employees