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Work Plan configuration

  • 1.  Work Plan configuration

    Posted 05-20-2020 22:34
    Hi all,

    First post so please forgive me if its been asked before, I couldn't find anything about it in the forums

    I'm wanting to create a schedule for 21 agents based on the forecast I created in the short term forecast. My agents have a start time from 0700-1030 working five days a week Monday-Saturday with one rostered day off on any of the six days. So far my setup works on a weekly basis but I want to implement it with the new features to create monthly schedules. My setup is attached

    My issue: it seems to work by a week by week basis however it will change through the weeks. Agent A might work a 7am shift for week one then 1030 shift for week two three and four. Is there a way to lock the shifts so that they stay the same for four weeks. My forecast is for four weeks and is a repeat of the first week




    Mathew Wan
    VisionStream NZ

  • 2.  RE: Work Plan configuration

    Posted 05-21-2020 08:50
    Hi Mathew,

    Currently the maximum shift start time variance option constrains shift start times within a week.

    For multi-week scheduling this means that the shift start times can vary, depending on shift start time window, a larger amount than the shift start time variance.

    I have created the following enhancement idea that would allow an option to extend maximum shift start time variance to span weeks for multi-week scheduling purposes - essentially an option to make it effective for the entire planning period.

    Jay Langsford
    Senior Director, Workforce Optimization Engineering

  • 3.  RE: Work Plan configuration

    Posted 05-21-2020 21:10
    Thank you for letting me know @Jay Langsford, hopefully it gets enough votes to get implemented so it can align with the new features

    Mathew Wan
    VisionStream NZ