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#WEMay - Week 2 Quality Assurance & Compliance Tip 2

  • 1.  #WEMay - Week 2 Quality Assurance & Compliance Tip 2

    Posted 05-09-2023 05:01

    Its Tuesday and here we are again with another little Tip of the Day to help you on your way for our

    Quality Assurance & Compliance discipline

    Next No.2…..

    No.2: Evaluation Form Management

    Want to make a minor change to an evaluation form? Want to add a question? Remove a question? Change the wording? Managing your evaluation forms just got a lot easier with the feature that was added that allows you to copy an existing evaluation form. You can easily do this by going into your evaluation forms, opening the form you want to copy, and select copy form, and you now have a draft copy you can modify, update, and publish without retyping all your questions.


    Great tip!

    Do you do this?

    3rd tip coming tomorrow….

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