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  • 1.  Outbound campaign skips contacts?

    Posted 01-24-2018 14:30

    We have a campaign with about 1950 contacts on the campaign management screen.

    I have exported the contactlist it shows about 50 contacts with last wrapup code set to "ININ-OUTBOUND-CONTACT-ATTEMPT-LIMIT-SKIPPED"

    at 729/1943 contacts dialed on the campaign management screen; but if I run a conversation aggregate through the api i get this:


    "metric": "nOutboundConnected",

    "stats": {

    "count": 3




    "metric": "nOutboundAttempted",

    "stats": {

    "count": 56



    what happened to the other 700 contacts prosessed on this campaign?


    This is from the same time period of about 30-40 minutes with 1 agent on progressive dialing.

  • 2.  RE: Outbound campaign skips contacts?

    Posted 01-24-2018 15:11

    Hi Henrik,


    I asked around and it sounds like you need to open a customer care ticket. Without knowing the campaign and org ID to look at logs, it's hard to know if there are any dialer or analytics bugs.


    Here's a link to the Customer Care information found in the Resource Center...



    Thank you,




  • 3.  RE: Outbound campaign skips contacts?

    Posted 02-08-2018 08:58

    For future reference if anyone else reads this.


    Contacts that are over "max attempts call rule" will show up as callable in the campaigns overview progress thingy. But when the dialer attempts to dial it skips it because the contact is over max attempts callrule.


    We missed this as on our old system (inin/cic) over max was purged, but purecloud checks it live and doesn't set the contacts as 'not callable'.

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