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Reports Limitations
3 6 hours ago by Raghuvaran G
In-Queue Flow: Take action upon agent connect
0 yesterday by Paul McGurn
ExternalContactId in external participant
1 yesterday by Muhammad Zubair Awan
Original post by Christian Werner-Berger
Evaluation API: How Far Back Does it Look?
0 yesterday by Nicole Dehn
WFM / Forecasting against some planning groups, not all 4 yesterday by Paul Soulodre
Original post by Stephen Poncia
3 yesterday by Paul McGurn
Original post by Daniel Cross
Creates flowcharts of Genesys cloud or PureConnect interaction flow 92 yesterday by Simon Brown
Original post by Takamune ISHIGE
Agent performance reporting by Topic
0 yesterday by Alistair Taylor
Alerts: As an agent, is it possible to get an alert before an interaction reaches you?
2 2 days ago by Sean Dega
Ask for Yes/No doesn't always get it right
5 2 days ago by Kevin Goodwin
Original post by Dave Halderman
Women's History Month Trivia is LIVE
0 2 days ago by Matt Lawson
Ghost Interaction - Web Messaging in Queue
14 2 days ago by Paul Simpson
Original post by Jeevan Kumar Jayabalan
Quality Policies
3 2 days ago by Shelby Cronk
Original post by Daniel Cross
Release Rollback- Regionalize Google TTS and STT endpoints
0 2 days ago by Rebecca Owens
Display a mark on outbound call
0 2 days ago by Guilhem Ducournau
Call "On hold" reminder for agents
2 3 days ago by Tim Speakman
Salesforce Phone Integration Breaking in Specific Queue
1 3 days ago by Katee Ice
Launching a script
3 3 days ago by Marcus Hanna
Original post by Guilhem Ducournau
WEBHID and Jabra headsets
8 3 days ago by David Van Milligan
Original post by Andrew Lagarde
Best Practices to Handle Agents in "Not Responding" Status 33 3 days ago by Rolph Lieverse
Original post by Anne Hoang
Preferred Agent routing - Web Messaging
10 3 days ago by Jeevan Kumar Jayabalan
How to add Signature to user profile
0 3 days ago by Ganesh S
WebRTC SDK / Headset library update
25 3 days ago by David Van Milligan
3 3 days ago by Paul Simpson
Original post by Juan Ayala
SMS/Chat Web Messaging Routing - Maximum Queue Time Limit/Post Actions
4 3 days ago by Jeevan Kumar Jayabalan
Prompts upload for .wav downloaded from Google TTS giving error
0 3 days ago by garima balodi
Transfer Emails from an agents queue without that agents interaction
8 3 days ago by Stephen Poncia
Original post by Joel Wineti
Knowledge Optimizer - Article views under Top viewed articles and feedback
0 3 days ago by Shwetha Chandavar
Genesys Cloud CX Release Notes - 1st of March 2023
5 3 days ago by Patrick Poinclou
Original post by Jan Nico Feliciano
How to have two pop up window poping in Salesforce
0 4 days ago by Mohammed Siddique
Moving to Cloud - Outbound Campaign conundrum
1 4 days ago by Reginald Sheraton
Original post by Clayton Curtis
call survey API 0 4 days ago by reham alzeer
Call survey
2 4 days ago by reham alzeer
Anyone else experiencing web gui slowdown/agents going not responding this week....
0 4 days ago by Clayton Curtis
setup callback API
1 4 days ago by Bassel Nafaa
Original post by Mohammad Dalqamouni
Web Survey Email Address Collection
3 4 days ago by Tom Mullen
Original post by Farhan C
Upcoming Agent UI Changes - Target Selection UI 16 4 days ago by Ricky Phung
Aria adapter
7 4 days ago by Donald Huovinen
Original post by Outi Cornette
Web messaging Notifications
4 5 days ago by Prem Venkatesh
Change ringtone for one user
1 5 days ago by Christoph Domaschke
Original post by James Dunn
Web Messenger - Agent Response Formatting 2 5 days ago by Peter Stoltenberg
Creating task in salesforce - failed to save interaction (call duration 0) 4 5 days ago by Richard Schott
Original post by Richard Dib
Decisions Using EWT in Architect 12 5 days ago by Jan Heinonen
Original post by Nichole Conway
Email Queue SLA & Closed Business Hours 4 6 days ago by Stephen Poncia
Web Messenger - Ending Chats with clients 2 6 days ago by Robert Niblock
List all users assigned to skill / Language 4 6 days ago by Pete Schroeder
Hard of Hearing TTY support 6 6 days ago by Martin Bunting
DNIS reporting query
0 7 days ago by Adam Kim
Callback widget
2 7 days ago by Christian Werner-Berger
Multiple Day Interval Report
12 8 days ago by Nikhil Ponnam
Original post by John Codispoti