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  • 1.  Assign queues to an agent

    Posted 09-21-2017 09:05



    in the documentation you are warned:

    Warning: If the selected agents have previously assigned queues not included in the list of queues you are copying, PureCloud removes them.


    But I am not sure what list this is, if I add or remove queues I do not see that other already assigned queues are removed from that person.


    Anyone has an idea what should be happening? I d o not want to get in a situation we lose calls because a person for some reason is out of a queue.




  • 2.  RE: Assign queues to an agent

    Posted 09-22-2017 15:59

    Hi Jeroen,


    You can check which queues are assigned to a user from the people admin page using that same tool. Simply select that user, then "more actions," and finally "assign queues." If you only have one person selected it will show what queues that person is currently in. If you select more than one person it will default to showing no queues selected.


    The warning is most applicable if you are changing queues for multiple people. In that case it will set the assigned queues for all of your selected people to only the queues on the list (IE, its not additive).


    Thank you,



  • 3.  RE: Assign queues to an agent

    Posted 09-25-2017 06:28


  • 4.  RE: Assign queues to an agent

    Posted 02-23-2018 09:35

    @Ryan Curtis? I received some feedback from users, they would like to be able to see more than 5 queues when searching. So, it would be great of the amount can be expanded!

  • 5.  RE: Assign queues to an agent

    Posted 02-23-2018 11:31

    Sure, I can increase the limit to 10.

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