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📣 Authenticated Web Messaging - Beta Release 🚀

  • 1.  📣 Authenticated Web Messaging - Beta Release 🚀

    Posted 12-08-2021 08:34
    Hello Genesys Cloud CX Community 👋
    We are excited to announce Beta release for Authenticated Web Messaging. You can find more details on how it works and benefits here: About web messaging - Genesys Cloud Resource Center
    This feature enables three core benefits:
    1. Reserve access to end-users that authenticate (sign-in) with the brand.
    2. Authenticated end-users can resume their conversation across browsers & devices: anywhere they sign-in to the brand, the conversation will follow.
    3. Collect authenticated identity attributes (primarily validate name and ID) that can be used to refine your business logic.

    Note that this feature relies on an open standard for identity validation, known as OpenID Connect, supported by a vast number of Identity & Authentication providers and services: please check documentation above for more details. If you are interested to join the Beta program don't hesitate to reach out to your local Genesys representative: we are happy to have you on-board.



    Angelo Cicchitto
    Genesys - Employees