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  • 1.  Location, Site, Organization questions PureCloud

    Posted 01-21-2019 11:52

    We have some questions:

    1. From the same PureCloud Organization instance (eg. Country France), Could we create other countries organizations (eg. UK, CZECH..) ?
    using this hierarchy :

    Organization  : main location = France, then we want to attach other countries to the same organization
    Location 2 = Spain
    Location 3 = Czech
    Sites = Cities ( in Spain , we create cities like : Sites 1 = Madrid, Site 2 = Barcelona ...) ?

    2. Will the Super Admin who created the organization have the visibility on all countries attached to the same organization (Logs, IVRs, Groups...) ?
    3. Each country could be autonomous and independent and will have access only  to its own logs, groups ... ?

    4. QoS : Which device (Hardware) tags the voice flow : Edge or the Switch to which is connected the Edge ? in order to prioritize the voice over data .

    nicolas urgin
    Dimension Data France

  • 2.  RE: Location, Site, Organization questions PureCloud

    Posted 01-28-2019 16:49
    If you create separate PureCloud Organizations then each Organization is completely independent/autonomous. There are some administrative capabilities (Authorized Orgs) which will provide you with an administrative overlay so that you could easily toggle between Orgs without needing to login/logout from each Org. Authorized Orgs was created to provide partners tools that would make it much easier to manage multiple customers. More information is available at

    You should look at what your overall business objectives. If you need separate Orgs then the resources cannot be shared. If you don't truly need separate Orgs but you are looking to simplify administration and manage access restrictions then we have Access Control Lists/Divisions which is planned to be released this quarter which will add some key capabilities in this area.

    For QoS then the device generating the audio should be providing the appropriate QoS (DSCP) tags and these will need to be respected by the switch. So if this is from caller > agent and you happened to have a media gateway (for simplicity) then the media gateway would provide tagging from RTP from media gateway to the Edge and the Edge would manage tagging from audio going back to the gateway.

    Don Huovinen
    Genesys - Employees