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  • 1.  Group calls in Rotary mode

    Posted 01-12-2022 10:02
    Hi Community,

    I was just talking to a customer of ours. They are using group calls in rotary mode, a feature I don't use very often.

    It appears that this group call also targets members that are not logged in??? Can anyone confirm this is true? I'm going to test in our lab as well.

    But that doesn't sound very logical? Why would you try to route a real-time conversation to a member which you know is not going to pickup the call anyway?

    from the docs:
    • Genesys Cloud does not alert group members who have call forwarding enabled. It also does not alert members whose presence is Busy, Break, Meeting, Training, Meal, or Out of Office. Genesys Cloud only alerts group members who have an assigned default station. Group members can see missed group calls in their call history. For more information about specific behaviors with specific statuses, see Presence, status, and activity indicators overview.
    So indeed, logged out is not mentionned there specifically?

    Tommy Braes
    CX Consultant
    Proximus PLC

  • 2.  RE: Group calls in Rotary mode

    Posted 01-12-2022 14:59
    HI Tommy

    I believe the key thing here is the default phone.  If a user has a default phone selected, the group ring will try them even if they are not logged in.  It's possible this is to allow for a user having a remote phone as a default phone and having the group ring try that but I'm not sure.  When I last did anything with this which was about a year ago I removed the default phones for a few users and that seemed to make it "skip" them if they were not logged in if I remember.

    Vaun McCarthy

  • 3.  RE: Group calls in Rotary mode

    Posted 7 hours ago

    Noticed this behavior too today and agree that it does not sound logical at all to try and call someone who is not logged in, i.e. has status "off line".

    Rolph Lieverse
    CED Nederland B.V.

  • 4.  RE: Group calls in Rotary mode

    Posted 4 hours ago
    Default phone is indeed part of the culprit here - to allow for non-web-UI users to have a phone, and be part of groups.

    If the default phone is a physical phone aka Poly handset, they are locked into the group ring rotation.
    If the default phone is a WebRTC/Softphone, they are cleared from rotation once they logout of the app.
    If the default phone is a WebRTC/Softphone, with persistent WebRTC enabled, they are cleared from the rotation once they logout _and_ their persistent connection times out - even if they directly logout.

    Groups are weird, Genesys wants you to use ACD instead.

    Brad Murlin
    Zillow, Inc.