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Slowness and General System Issues

  • 1.  Slowness and General System Issues

    Posted 01-25-2022 09:50
    Has anyone else been noticing their Genesys systems running slower than normal, or getting more errors than normal when trying to perform different tasks?  Everyday my team gets several reports of either Genesys running slow, or that they are getting errors when trying to access things like reporting or adherence information.  Just yesterday alone I had 5 different errors reported from various users across our company about issues in Genesys.
    Some of the issues we came across yesterday were:
    1. General system slowness - screens lagging in the system
    2. For a short period of time in the morning, we were unable to access the adherence information (this is a daily occurrence) 
    3. We are missing at least a 2 hour block of interaction data from a prior day.  When we look at queue reporting it shows there were calls, but when we go to interactions, we get no records for that time period. We are not sure if there is a larger issue as we just happened to stumble across this looking for a specific call.  We have now way of knowing if there are more days missing data.  
    4. Unable to run month to date reports - Throughout the day we typically get several reports of people getting errors saying "A request failed.  Please try again later.  When they are running reports.  The reports are typically for month to date or prior month data.  Eventually the data comes back after you refresh several times.  
    5. We didn't receive an alert for the system when an agents placed a call to 911 via Genesys.  We were told there was an issue with number not being assigned to a location (even though we had received alerts from the same user and location in the past).  Then we were told the configuration was changed last night when no one from our side was logged in to make the change. 
    I am just wondering if we are alone in these issues or if others are experiencing things like this as well.  My concern is they are becoming more frequent and while they are more of a nuisance right now, I'm afraid they are going to become a larger issue in the future.


    Jason Lorden
    Independent Health Association, Inc.