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  • 1.  What are you use cases for Dynamic Slots

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 02-02-2022 00:39
    As you may have heard on the roadmap session, Bot Flows will soon have dynamic slots which will allow slot utterances to be matched against a dynamic list of words or phrases.  I am interested in how you expect to use these in your own Bots.  For me, a simple example is for state lookup.  I can have a list of all the states and have it match against them (currently, we are limited to only 50 entries in a slot), but that is a static list.  Another idea is toppings on a pizza based on location or inventory.  

    When it comes to new features, they are great, but how they actually get used is what fascinates me and will help Genesys create even better ones.  

    Bring on your ideas and let us know your ideas for dynamics slots.

    Robert Wakefield-Carl
    Avtex Solutions, LLC
    Contact Center Innovation Architect

  • 2.  RE: What are you use cases for Dynamic Slots

    Posted 02-02-2022 20:18
    We are a bank, so my thinking has been for customer accounts. 
    So some customers might have 2-3 bank accounts, some have 10+, House Savings, Spending Accounts etc etc
    So for chatbot the idea is to fetch a list of accounts and balances from the backend, populate the slot with accounts and present their account names or numbers as cards for them to select from. From there we can of course do all sorts of things, read out balances for the selected acount, transfer money etc. 

    Think there is a max of 10 cards currently, so yeah might need to work around that for larger lists.

    But that is at least what my initial thinking has been.

    Keen to hear what other people have planned.

    Anton Vroon

  • 3.  RE: What are you use cases for Dynamic Slots

    Posted 03-01-2022 15:28
    We are financial institution also, and our use case is if a customer can't pay to offer alternative dates based on our back end db information.

    Clayton Curtis
    Enova Online Services, Inc.

  • 4.  RE: What are you use cases for Dynamic Slots

    Posted 05-19-2022 06:37
    Edited by Thomas Repking 05-19-2022 06:40
    Does anyone know as to when Dynamic Slots are coming? Would this be something that could be used to collect a new street name for kind of a change of adress voice bot?

    Thomas Repking
    Canada Life Group Services Limited

  • 5.  RE: What are you use cases for Dynamic Slots

    Posted 07-18-2022 16:36 dynamic lists are released couple of weeks ago, does anyone know the API end point to retrieve the slot values during converstaion using data action as outlined in the resource center? I cant find the API url

    Ajay Vadluri
    Kroll, LLC

  • 6.  RE: What are you use cases for Dynamic Slots

    Posted 07-18-2022 16:43
    The idea is you use your own APIs to pull a list of things from your CRM for example.
    eg. Get a list of the Customer Accounts, and then in your web messenger bot they could select one of their accounts as a card.
    The idea is you don't know what values will be in the slot, that is why they are dynamic.

    But you don't have to use an API, you can provide any collection of strings for the Dynamic Slot.
    Eg a list of toppings for different Pizzas, some Pizzas might not include meat others might, you can use the same slot and logic and have different topping options for example.

    Anton Vroon

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