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  • 1.  Azure AD mapping phone number to extension in Genesys cloud

    Posted 01-26-2022 10:07
    Edited by Stian Fiskebeck 01-26-2022 10:58
    Our customer has an AD integration with Genesys cloud to be able to create/delete/update users and user info/contact info.
    The integration works fine, but we seem unable to map the phone number in AD to the users extension number field in Genesys cloud.
     - Also setting the synced number as "primary voice" seem to not work

    To clarify:
    We want the workphone number to be synced to the  workphone extension field and not to the main number field.
     - The main workphone number field should only contain the national prefix (i.e +47 for norway)

    Any idea if that is possible?

    It works just fine to do manually, but not sure how the AD mapping needs to be set up.

    Stian Andre Fiskebeck
    Atea AS

  • 2.  RE: Azure AD mapping phone number to extension in Genesys cloud

    Posted 01-26-2022 22:23
    Here is a good document that explains about expression builder in AD.

    The SCIM spec states that the phone number with extension should be formatted as "tel:[phone number] ;ext:[extension]"

    Did you follow this article:  Configure the Microsoft Teams integration - Genesys Cloud Resource Center (

    I am not quite sure about the country code, but it is part of the mapping or you should be able to include in the phone number.  

    Robert Wakefield-Carl
    Avtex Solutions, LLC
    Contact Center Innovation Architect

  • 3.  RE: Azure AD mapping phone number to extension in Genesys cloud

    Posted 01-27-2022 02:32
    Thank you Robert.
    It might be that the correct format has not been used. I will discuss with the AD guys.

    In regards to the article, i'm unsure how Teams is relevant since we are not using that with Genesys cloud.
    The mapping for number is relevant though.

    Stian Andre Fiskebeck
    Atea AS

  • 4.  RE: Azure AD mapping phone number to extension in Genesys cloud

    Posted 01-28-2022 09:13

    Here is the relevant link for configuring the scim integration with Azure AD:


    1. Extensions

      You can set phone number fields to use phone numbers with extensions or extensions only. 

      1. Under Mapping type, select Expression.

      2. In the Expression box, add an expression for a phone number with an extension or an extension only.
        Important: Use any Azure Active Directory Attribute in place of [telephoneNumber] or [attributeThatContainsExtension].
        • Extension only

          Join(";ext=", "tel:", StripSpaces([attributeThatContainsExtension]))
        • Phone number with an extension 

                  Append("tel:", StripSpaces([telephoneNumber])),  
      3. For new mappings, in the Target attribute box, add the SCIM field for the phone number attribute, for example, phoneNumbers[type eq "work2"].value.
      4. Click Ok.

      Expression mapping type in Azure Active Directory 160w" sizes="(max-width: 417px) 100vw, 417px">

    2. Click Save.
    This expression helps to handle cases where the extension or phone number may be empty, which could prevent the sync of the individual user.  You can modify the attribute reference to be a constant to handle your desire to have the country code prefix be included in the phone number field, although I would certainly check that configuration with your dialplan to ensure that the country code won't interfere with the ability to dial by extension internally.

    Richard Schott
    Genesys - Employees