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  • 1.  Email reply routing

    Posted 01-14-2022 11:00
    Is there a way to set up email routing that when someone replies to an email sent from an agent, instead of routing back to that agent it would just route to the general queue for anyone to answer?

    Heather Higginbotham
    Cox Automotive Corporate Services, LLC

  • 2.  RE: Email reply routing

    Posted 01-15-2022 12:46
    Hi Heather,

    Are replies back to the email routing to the queue or a flow?  As far as I understand, the system only uses preferred agent routing for emails if emails are sent directly to a queue. Note this comment in the Resource Center:

    Genesys Cloud attempts to route email replies to the last agent who handled the email. The agent must be on queue and not be fully utilized on email interactions. If the agent is not available, Genesys Cloud routes the interaction to the next available agent. For more information about how to determine if an agent is fully utilized, see Configure agent utilization.
    For email and messaging interactions, and inbound callbacks, when you use preferred agent routing, Genesys Cloud no longer attempts to route the interaction to the last agent who handled it. Scheduled callbacks, however, is unaffected by preferred agent routing. For more information, see Advanced routing overview.
    Note: Currently, this behavior only works if you send the email directly to a queue, not if you leverage Architect email flow


    Peter Stoltenberg
    Avtex Solutions, LLC

  • 3.  RE: Email reply routing

    Posted 01-18-2022 08:27
    A workaround for this that I have seen customers implement is to create a dummy userID in the 'peoples' menu and grab the agentID from the URL in your browser.  From there, set the routing of the queue to preferred agent routing with a 2 second timeout.  Finally, in your architect flow use the dummy agentID for the preferred agentID.  As this agent will never be logged in, routing will skip the user and deliver to the next agent in the queue.

    Hope that helps!

    Chris Bohlin
    Product Manager - PureCloud