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Blocking a Number

  • 1.  Blocking a Number

    Posted 10-10-2018 17:46
    Does anyone know how to block a phone number coming into our inbound lines? Thank you

    Ly Tran
    Cardinal Health 5, LLC

  • 2.  RE: Blocking a Number

    Posted 10-11-2018 02:36
    I do not know of any settings to handle this but what I'd do to handle this is - 

    1. At the start of the flow in architect use a decision block to check if ANI matches any particular number, disconnect the call.
    2. Or if you have a list of obnoxious numbers, use a bridge server data action to send this request to a web service which checks from a database if the ANI is part of any group of numbers, if Yes, disconnect the call.

    Sajid Abbas Malek
    Al-Futtaim Technologies -

  • 3.  RE: Blocking a Number

    Posted 10-11-2018 10:30
    You could also put blocked numbers into a Data Table 
    That allows you to store up to 250 numbers in a table, and keeps it all within PureCloud.

    then use a Data Table Lookup action to see if the ANI exists in the table.

    Use the exit paths from that lookup to decide what to do with the call.

    George Ganahl
    Principal Program Manager

  • 4.  RE: Blocking a Number

    Posted 11-08-2018 18:17
    While the latter (George's) solution is more practicable, they're both cumbersome with 100+ call flows.

    Patrick Rada
    Keypath Education LLC

  • 5.  RE: Blocking a Number

    Posted 08-29-2019 13:18
    This is so tedious considering this should be built into the system.  Why is Genesys PureCloud missing so many features other contact centers have?

    Stuart Gormley
    Agilon Health
    VoIP System Administrator

  • 6.  RE: Blocking a Number

    Posted 05-25-2021 13:33
    Hi George - Can we use this approach to block VOIP calls as well ?

    Anurag Gusain

  • 7.  RE: Blocking a Number

    Posted 05-25-2021 16:19
    Edited by Kevin Brown 05-25-2021 16:20


    This approach blocks all calls coming from the PSTN, regardless of type.  If you are referring to a SIP REFER, then it must have an attached ANI.

    Patrick,  It is tedious to go back and redo all of your call flows.  However, if you add this at the top of each one when it is being modified, it isn't much work at all.  We used this approach at a healthcare company and after two or three months, we had them completed. We then focused on the remaining call flows (apps over in Engage Cloud) and those were completed in 2 days by one member of the Dev team, if memory serves me right.

    Stuart, agreed.  We made a feature request to add this into every starting call block in Designer as Out of Box for Engage Cloud, along with an associated data table.  It wasn't difficult at all to do this after the fact, but if it was put out there as a default, more companies would build it into every call flow/app from their start with Genesys.  And 250 phone numbers is not nearly enough for most enterprise companies. Engage Cloud isn't limited by this restriction and we had much more than that.

    When I left, we were in the process of allowing end users to block phone numbers via an API through ServiceNow. If they did it for nefarious reasons, their employee ID was logged.  This helped us with repeat abuse callers in the nighttime as well as faxes misdirected to high volume TFNs. This happens many times every day in healthcare firms, so it's a big issue.

    Kevin Brown
    Cognizant Technology Solutions

    I've been working and playing with Genesys since 1995
    Arizona, USA

  • 8.  RE: Blocking a Number

    Posted 01-07-2022 07:45
      |   view attached

    this sounds good, however we tried it now in our company, but as always got stucked in expressions/variable etc. May you please advice what type of expression you would use here? What should be expression in Inputs? I tried Call.Ani, but doesn´t work. Phone numbers were defined in default value fields in data table. This is type of information I can never find in resource center. For us non developers it is hard.

    Thanks a lot,  

    Barbora Malkovska
    IKEA Ceska Republika, s.r.o.

  • 9.  RE: Blocking a Number

    Posted 01-07-2022 09:28
    Hi Barbora,

    I'm not sure how you have the phone numbers in your data table.  Hopefully, you don't have hyphens in there.  For 10 digit numbers, you only want the last 10 digits of the ani.  So, the expression would be: right(call.ani.10)

    This should give you the last 10 digits of the ani, that you can use to look up your data table.  If you do have hyphens or spaces in your number in the data table, it can still be done, but the expression will be longer.

    Jason Tripp
    Independent Health Association, Inc.

  • 10.  RE: Blocking a Number

    Posted 01-07-2022 11:09

    In Genesys architect


    Starting Task = Call Blocked


    (Add a Data Table Lookup)


    Data Table Lookup


    Data Table (Name = anything you want, for this example, we'll call the Data Table "Blocked")


    ANI to be blocked - Must be in E164 format (+15555555555)




    Found = Disconnect


    Not Found or Failure = Jump to Menu (this is the start of your call flow)




    Go to "Data Tables"


    Create a Data Table called "Blocked"


    Name = Blocked


    Division = Home (or whatever division you are  using)


    Notes (optional) - "Blocking spam calls"


    Reference Key Label = ANI to be blocked - Must be in E164 format (+15555555555)


    When you add a phone number to the data table to be blocked, add it like this "+18085551234" (no quotes)


    That should do it.




  • 11.  RE: Blocking a Number

    Posted 01-10-2022 12:05
    You can vote in ideas lab:

    Based on my experience with spammers, they seldom keep the same displayed phone number for long. They temporarily use an innocent party's phone number, then change the number continually. So you can't really pin them down or block them permanently. Errant fax calls also usually don't last more than a day. A built-in black list with expiration date (1 day, 7 days, permanent) would help. Any user should be able to block a number for 1 day. Admin should be able to block a number  permanently.

    Kun Jin Rhee
    LifeCare Assurance Company

  • 12.  RE: Blocking a Number

    Posted 01-14-2022 08:39
    That´s great, voted :-)

    Barbora Vackova
    IKEA Ceska Republika, s.r.o.

  • 13.  RE: Blocking a Number

    Posted 01-14-2022 15:24