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  • 1.  Alert Notification No Agents On Queue

    Posted 03-24-2021 11:54
    Is there a way to set an Alert notification when a queue does not have anyone "On Queue"? Example a queue that is 24/7, if no one is On Queue then alert goes out to supervisors.

    I have looked at the Queue variables with threshold metrics and do not see what is needed. Is it possible to create a custom Queue variable for "On Queue" and test that metric?

    Thank you.

    Mike Baldwin

  • 2.  RE: Alert Notification No Agents On Queue

    Posted 06-18-2021 22:54
    I am looking similar kind of solution , we are 24/7 and if no agent is logged-in to Queue , is there anyway to get notify supervisor using email or call or SMS ?
    Using data action I get the queue status , just thinking if we create policy or pre call rule to check always queue status.
    or always check the status of queue and if there is no-agent available into queue , run a outbound campaign, but not sure how it is going to work.

    Muhammad Zubair
    Alberta Health Services

  • 3.  RE: Alert Notification No Agents On Queue

    Posted 8 days ago
    Hi Muhammad,

    did you find a solution for this requirement, because our customer is looking for such a notification as well and probably there is a out of the box solution available right now?

    Tobias Junghans
    NTT Germany AG & Co. KG