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How to debug Architect workflow?

  • 1.  How to debug Architect workflow?

    Posted 12-23-2021 12:41
    Hello Community,

    does anybody know how to debug Architect workflow? There is no option to set participant data, there is no debug option (only publish), there is no prompts, that can be added to different cases. My workflow does not work properly and I have no idea how to test it.


    Irina Milstein

  • 2.  RE: How to debug Architect workflow?

    Posted 12-27-2021 09:56
    Edited by Jackie Maher 12-27-2021 10:12
    Hi Irina,

    You'll need to set your own participant data milestones/logging. These logging points will be written to the conversation details. If you want to play prompts when you get to a certain point, you can do that, but I think writing a participant data milestone is quicker and easier, as there are no prompts to record, configure, load. We have participant data points with a incremental sequence number through our entire flow. They mark the path the caller took, like a trail of bread crumbs. We also use the participant data milestones for our statistical reporting, i.e. how many callers self serviced, which menu options did they select, how did the caller authenticate, etc...  If you put the time and smarts into designing the participant data milestones within the flow, you'll have an excellent way to debug and provide very gradual statistics on the flow performance and caller behavior.

    Here is an example of what our journey milestones look like, once extracted to Excel and sorted. We design this right with in our Visio call flow diagram; the flow and milestones go hand in hand.

  • 3.  RE: How to debug Architect workflow?

    Posted 12-28-2021 02:14

    Hi Jackie,

    Thank you for the detailed response, we also use participant data and milestones for logs in architect call flows (inbound and in-queue), but you give me a good idea to combine them. Just wanted to clarify, when you add to participant data key-value pair like "Further.CustomerJourney038" - "ExitType=transferred", you set the participant data value hard-coded, or there is an option to choose an existing milestone as a variable for the participant data value?

    However my original question was about Architect Workflow:

    For workflows there is no option to set participant data, milestones or add audio prompts. 

    The only way I found to debug a workflow, is to create common module with the workflow logic, test it using participant data in dummy inbound flow, then remove all participant data from it, and call this common module from the workflow. But this is time-consuming, complicated and not good for complex workflows, so I would like to find another way to debug workflows. Do you have any idea?


    Irina Milstein

  • 4.  RE: How to debug Architect workflow?

    Posted 12-29-2021 06:37

    What about use data action? Could be quite not very smart solution, but try to set a data action that call Genesys Cloud API to set participant data, in that way you could get the trace you need.

    Saugort García
    Interacciones Inteligentes S.A.

  • 5.  RE: How to debug Architect workflow?

    Posted 01-09-2022 02:36

    Thank you for advice, Saugort.

    I finally decided to create a string variable, add to it all the info that I need for debugging the workflow, and at the end, pass it as "Exit Reason" of the "EndWorkflow" block.

    Irina Milstein

  • 6.  RE: How to debug Architect workflow?

    Posted 10-17-2022 06:23
    That is a nice trick Irina . 
    Wanted to know , where can we see "exit reason" though . In interactions view or elsewhere ?


    garima balodi
    Tata Communications Limited

  • 7.  RE: How to debug Architect workflow?

    Posted 10-17-2022 13:45

    Hi Garima,

    In my case, the workflow is executed by the data action that calls the POST /api/v2/flows/executions GC API from the inbound call flow.

    This API returns ID, that I pass to the GET /api/v2/flows/executions/{flowExecutionId} GC API to check exist reason, field "completionReason" in the response.

    I think, the idea of @Brad Murlin to use could be more convenient to use.

    I also tried to set participant data from the workflow (set conversation data), but couldn't find a way to pass the conversation id of the call that executes the workflow to the workflow.

    I hope this will help.




    Irina Milstein
    ITNAV-Pro Ltd.

  • 8.  RE: How to debug Architect workflow?

    Posted 10-18-2022 12:11
    When you initiate the workflow it provides back an execution ID in the response to you, you can query this ID via "/api/v2/flows/executions/{flowExecutionId}" and it will show you the data from any variables marked as 'output' as well as some basics about the run status and if the workflow encountered errors or ran smoothly.

    Brad Murlin
    Zillow, Inc.

  • 9.  RE: How to debug Architect workflow?

    Posted 12-29-2021 11:31
    Hi Irina,

    Great question. It is hard coded for the most part. There are some milestones that we can leverage a variable for the value.  Our support vendor, Avtex, came up with this design and it works great. For each "Further.CustomerJourneyxxx" - "key=value", which is logged we use two steps. We first perform a set participant data with the following:

    Attribute Name 1

    Value to Assign 1... two options shown below: hard coding the key-value pair, OR hard code the key, but leveraging the flow variable for the value. The method we use is determined by what type of data we are needing to log.
         key=value or Append("CollectedSSN=",Flow.sSSN)... see below for examples of each

    Example 1 - hard coded key-value pair

    Example 2 - Leveraging a flow variable for the ssn

    For step 2 of this process, we need to update the sequence number with a Update Data action:

    Hope this makes sense and is helpful. 

    Concerning your question regarding debugging a workflow in Architect... I don't know. I haven't had to do that yet, as all of traffic is using inbound and secure flows, nothing more. Sorry I cannot be of help with workflows Irina. 

  • 10.  RE: How to debug Architect workflow?

    Posted 01-09-2022 02:19
    Thank you for your reply, Jackie!

    Irina Milstein

  • 11.  RE: How to debug Architect workflow?

    Posted 01-10-2022 03:44
    Hello Irina,

    A feature is in developpment to let us debug the workflows. You can already see a new menu (but desactivated) the the architech interface.

    We hope this feature will be delivered soon.

    Lionel FLORENCE

  • 12.  RE: How to debug Architect workflow?

    Posted 01-10-2022 12:52
    Thank you, Lionel.
    That's great!

    Irina Milstein

  • 13.  RE: How to debug Architect workflow?