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Password expiration behavior

  • 1.  Password expiration behavior

    Posted 10-19-2021 13:32
    I can see that there is an accepted idea (New Idea CLPLA-I-559) which is for password expiration behaviors, the merged ideas talk about both;

    1. changing the message presented to an advisor when attempting to login when their password has expired vs a different message if they have entered an incorrect password, and
    2. Providing a mechanism for sending a reminder to the user prior to the password expiry (preferably email not within GC itself as they may not be on shift) suggesting to reset their password as it is due to expire.

    The admin response is from 16 Jun, 2020 and states:

    "Feature accepted for development. Planned change: The first time a user logs in after password expiration, they will be prompted to reset their password, rather than receive the generic "unable to log in" message."

    This doesn't cover part 2 of the merged ideas (a pre notification) and is over a year ago now - with apologies is there any way we can see when this is likely to land? A few people have asked on the ideas thread and no response yet.

    If there is a better way to chase than on here I'm happy to follow that route also - feels like a very useful addition :) 


    Mark Elliott
    Lemon Business Solutions