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  • 1.  Introducing Voice Transcription

    Posted 08-19-2020 09:53
    Edited by Rakesh Tailor 08-19-2020 09:54
    Hello, Genesys Cloud Community members.

    Today we are proud to announce the release of our new Voice Transcription feature.

    Introducing voice transcription
    The new voice transcription feature transcribes audio into text that is stored as speaker-separated conversational language. You can view the generated voice transcripts in the Transcript tab as part of the interaction detail. Use the Transcript tab to get more insight into the content of voice interactions, to improve training and feedback for call center employees, and to identify business problems.

    Voice transcription is the first step in our overall plans to have native speech and text analytics capabilities within the platform.

    Please note that the following is required in order to use the voice transcription feature:

    Also note that voice transcription is not available in all Genesys Cloud supported languages. For more information, see PureCloud supported languages.

    Key features
    • Readable – Transcripts include words that were detected by the transcription engine.
    • Search – Transcripts include a local search option that enables you to quickly find exactly what you want within the transcript.
    • Timestamps – Transcripts include a timestamp for every speaker utterance. The timestamp enables you to easily find when a phrase was said.
    • Speaker identification – Speakers are identified throughout the transcript. The speaker can be a Customer, IVR, ACD, agent, conference, or voicemail.

    The Transcript tab provides a clear view of the conversation between external (customer) and internal (IVR, ACD, agent, conference, or voicemail) participants and highlights who is saying what. It also helps the user overcome potential difficulties such as differences in volume, accents, timing, and connection quality.

    For more information, see About voice transcription.

    Also, take a look at an introduction video here.

    Feel free to share your questions and comments by replying below.


    Rakesh Tailor
    Director, Product Management - Workforce Engagement
    Genesys Cloud

  • 2.  RE: Introducing Voice Transcription

    Posted 08-19-2020 10:19
    This is great news. Just installed and enabled this morning. Will be testing soon. Thanks Genesys!

    Christopher Kaldenberg
    EMS, Inc.

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