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  • 1.  Barge-in function

    Posted 04-26-2022 22:57
    Hi Community

    in below case,
    when the customer call in,
    we will display announcement 1 : thank you for your calling.......
    after announcement 1, we will display announcement 2 to ask customer to input account number.

    our business request was that customer can directly input account number even at the beginning of announcement 1.
    I try to checked Barge-in checkbox in both announcement 1 and announcement 2, but it not work as expected.

    for example, I input 123456 as account number at the beginning of announcement 1 instead of during announcement 2, it will only collect 23456 as account number which miss 1.
    it seems 1 used to skip announcement 1, how can I collect 123456 as input ?


    Chengcheng Zhang
    FIL Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited

  • 2.  RE: Barge-in function

    Posted 05-07-2022 06:11

    Hello Chengcheng,

    did you combine 2 prompts in 1 block and try to barge that 1 block and check.

    check global input setting also. 

    and minimum digit allow

    vinayak Vagal
    SmartConnect Technologies Pvt. Ltd

  • 3.  RE: Barge-in function

    Posted 05-16-2022 01:36
    Hi Vinayak

    thank you for your reply.
    at beginning, I got confused as there are some logic behind this prompts.
    I finally solved this issue by following your suggestion in general, thank you again.

    Zhang Chengcheng

    Chengcheng Zhang
    FIL Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited