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Rollback Announcement - Architect Dynamic Schedule Lookups

  • 1.  Rollback Announcement - Architect Dynamic Schedule Lookups

    Posted 4 days ago
    Issues were found during the GA release of Architect Dynamic Schedule Lookups causing a rollback and disablement of this new feature. We're currently re-testing this now and it will be re-released once everything has passed the QA checks. Original release notes are below:

    Dynamically look up schedules, schedule groups, and emergency groups in Architect flows

    Administrators and contact center managers can now use new Find Schedule, Find Schedule Group, and Find Emergency Group actions in Architect. These new actions enable administrators to dynamically look up these schedules and groups at flow runtime. For more information, see Find Schedule actionFind Schedule Group action, and Find Emergency Schedule action. This feature requires one of the following subscriptions: Genesys Cloud User 1, Genesys Cloud User 2 or Genesys Cloud User 3.


    Justin Campbell
    Product Manager
    Genesys - Employees