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  • 1.  Custom ACD - Lower Proficiency on Interval

    Posted 03-17-2009 12:29
    Hi, -CIC 2.4 I'm trying to find a way to place a call into a queue with default minimum Skill Proficiency at 50, then every x seconds, lower the proficiency. I have this working, but the Queue Statistics are skewed, they show nEnteredACD = 3 for 1 call. Is there a way to make changes to required skill levels without removing and placing the call back into the queue? I'm using ACD Speficy Interacion Skill and ACD Initiate Processing tools and CustomIVRWorkgroupQueue.ihd I see ACD Remove Interaction Skill tool that looks like it's doing the exact opposite of what I need..... is there an ACD ADD Interaction Skill? Thanks.

  • 2.  RE: Custom ACD - Lower Proficiency on Interval

    Posted 03-08-2010 17:16
    In theory, you could use the 'Remove Interaction Skill' toolstep. You would need to create additional skills like 'Tier1', 'Tier2', 'Tier3', etc... When initially queuing the call, assign all 3 skills, then remove skills as needed to broaden the scope of the agent pool. *Agent Assignment Agent1 - Tier1 + Tier2 + Tier3 Agent2 - Tier1 + Tier2 Agent3 - Tier1 *Call Flow Call Enters Queue ACD Specify Skill Teir1 + Tier2 + Tier3 (Call would only be delivered to Agent1) ACD Remove Skill Tier 3 (Call would be delivered to Agent1 or Agent 2) ACD Remove Skill Tier 2 (Call would be delivered to Agents 1-3) I haven’t actually implemented this, but in theory, it should give you the desired result and I don’t think reported will be affected.

  • 3.  RE: Custom ACD - Lower Proficiency on Interval

    Posted 03-08-2010 18:10
    Great Suggestion! I'll try that!

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