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  • 1.  Supervisor Alerts

    Posted 08-28-2009 16:26
    We're trying to monitor dialer pace to make sure that we're taking advantage of periods with higher connect/success rates and slowing things down when those rates are low. I had planned on setting an alert in Supervisor 2.4 that would send an email whenever Pace changes and is within the range -100 to 100. Unfortunately, I cannot set the lower bound to a negative number. Since Pace is a number from -100 to 100, how can I go about doing this?

  • 2.  RE: Supervisor Alerts

    Posted 09-10-2009 14:27
    Chad, As negative numbers are not valid for Supervisor alerts, this is not currently possible. You might submit an enhancement request to add this functionality. That being said, the pace (depending on numerous factors) can vary quite a bit, generating a lot of emails. The pace also isn't necessarily tied to successful dispositions, the connect rate, etc, so I'm not sure it's valid for your intended use anyhow. If you're wanting to monitor the connect rate, there's other stats that would show that. Thanks, Sean

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