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  • 1.  Get Key for alpha keys

    Posted 09-30-2009 06:11
    Our employees use mobile phones with alphanumeric keys and we need a handler which enables the user to enter letters (of the name i. e.). The Tools Get Key and Extended Get Key only accept numeric keys and '*' and '#'. How can I solve this problem? Thanks in advance Dwayne

  • 2.  RE: Get Key for alpha keys

    Posted 09-30-2009 16:31
    Could you describe in a little more detail what youare wanting to do? I am not sure I understand the question...can you give more specific examples? How are the mobile phones sending letters to IC when connected on a call? To my knowledge, that is not possible (unless you are sending an SMS message, instead of being connected on a phone call).

  • 3.  RE: Get Key for alpha keys

    Posted 10-01-2009 06:12
    We need a handler which gets fired for a special DNIS. Assumption: I want to call you and you are in our database
    • I dial the special DNIS, so that the handler gets fired.
    • The handler now plays the prompt: "Please enter the first 4 letters of the person's name you want to call."
    • The caller enters the letters "GANA" on his alphanumeric keyboard of his mobile phone.
    • With this input the handler looks into the database to find all the persons whose names begin with "GANA".
    • If there is only 1 match (i. e. "Ganahl"), the handler calls you using the your number the handler found in the database, otherwise the caller is asked to enter more letters of the name.

  • 4.  RE: Get Key for alpha keys

    Posted 10-01-2009 14:31
    I am still unclear what you mean by "entering the ltters...on his alphanumeric keyboard - if I am on a call on my Blackberry, for example, and I type letters, they do not get transmitted over the phone as the specific letters - I have to press the numbers that correspond to letters on a standard dial pad. Anyway, to answer what I think is the underlying question, we do not have a tool step that takes DTMF and converts to all the possible letter combinations - the permutations are too large. We doo have the Lookup tool which can look up a user in the Company Directory based upon the DTMF input and come back with possible matches, but that doesn't help for a database lookup.

  • 5.  RE: Get Key for alpha keys

    Posted 08-22-2023 09:52


    It sounds like you're trying to implement a company directory search. What you'll probably have to do is translate the DTMF input into the corresponding letter i.e.

    2 = abc








    You'd probably want to enforce a required a minimum number of digits and once the minimum is reached have a creative search to find the corresponding employees matching the input (based on various combinations of the corresponding letters) 

    Jason Neuman
    The Capital Group Companies, Inc.

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