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Time office versus current time in policies

  • 1.  Time office versus current time in policies

    Posted 05-26-2011 22:28
    I'm creating a policy similar to the Do Not Dial Same Day policy in the document 2010 user conference cool rules and groovy polies. Basically I want to create a policy that prevents records from being dialed more than once in 2 hours, as this campaign uses multiple contact list columns and the default behavior appears to be to try each available phone number one right after the other and the client would like them spaced out. I've got a LastDialTime column, and a disposition policy that always sets the lastdialtime = currentime. This part is working and logging the dial time, though it appears to be logging the time in UTC time, rather than our campaign server time as I had expected. For the second part of the policy I've set up a precall policy where the condition is attribute lastdialtime < Time offset 2 (for 2 hours), then on the behavior tab I have a Do not dial behavior with call routing set to Do Not Dial. However it appears something is wrong with the precall policy, as the records that should be meeting the do not dial policy condition are dialed anyway. Is there something odd going on with time zones here? Something about currenttime versus timeoffset?