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Scrub recordings for sensitive info

  • 1.  Scrub recordings for sensitive info

    Posted 09-12-2013 18:48
    Hi All, We recently kicked off a compliance project and are going through our IR system. The question came up about recordings and sensitive information. We have a very large cache of old recordings and need to confirm that they contain no Credit Card or Social Security numbers. As of now, we are using a secure pause to "censor" this information. There are a few issues we are looking to solve: 1) Identify recordings that contain sensitive information 2) Scrub/Remove any sensitive information from the recording Is there software available from ININ or from a 3rd party that can search for Credit Card and/or Social Security numbers in a recording? If the recordings do contain this info, is it possible to automate the scrubbing of that info? I've seen in other posts that we can manually remove this data using an audio editor or audacity. Due to the large volume of files we have, it would be best if we could automate this process. Thanks for your help and input. Gavin Kelly