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  • 1.  Custom Attributes in Attendant

    Posted 05-08-2014 19:57
    I have created a custom handler to use the ACD Statistics (Queue) tool step to retrieve the longest waiting interaction from an ACD Workgroup. Based on the value I set a custom attribute to one of 3 values on th: 0, 1 ,2. I call this handler in my Inbound Profile of Attendant and set the custom attribute on the incoming call (Interaction1), then use a Selection step to determine which path the call needs to take based on the custom attribute. To ensure this was working properly, I logged the Custom Attribute so I could easily see what it was set to. In the handler, there is no way for it to go without setting the custom attribute. But when I look at calls that are coming in, the majority of them do not have a value for the custom attribute. Is there a best practice method or way to ensure this attribute is being set on the incoming interaction? If needed I can provide a more in depth look at the handler I created. Thanks, Andrew

  • 2.  RE: Custom Attributes in Attendant

    Posted 05-09-2014 12:11
    I recommend taking a look at an IP log in SnapShot (turned up to 80) for calls that do not have the attribute set to see why. Using SnapShot, you can quickly see what path they take through Attendant and what handlers and what steps they pass through.

  • 3.  RE: Custom Attributes in Attendant

    Posted 05-20-2014 12:12
    I have looked at the logs and the Handler is firing for every call but it does show that some calls are not getting the custom attribute. Is there a best practice for Attendant to put some type of error checking so that it ensures the custom attribute is received? I have "logging" steps to show the custom attribute but sometimes it does not have a value. Thanks, Andrew

  • 4.  RE: Custom Attributes in Attendant

    Posted 05-20-2014 14:05
    It may be necessary to debug the handlers involved and verify that a value is present in the variable that is used to assign the call attribute. If so, you may be running into a bug.

  • 5.  RE: Custom Attributes in Attendant

    Posted 06-19-2014 19:53
    I've noticed this tool (ACD Statistics Queue) can fail to retrieve values sometimes. Are your calls that are missing this value going out the failure path at this step??? If so, add a few retries through a counter style loop. If not, are the values populated at this step correctly?

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