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IC 4.0 Group Ring "Call Waiting"

  • 1.  IC 4.0 Group Ring "Call Waiting"

    Posted 03-10-2015 16:41
    Greetings, I am trying to figure out how to set up where users in my workgroups can see incoming calls on their My Interactions view... The workgroup is set to group (ringing all members of the group). The calls in question are outside calls and not intercom calls (those work just fine). When a call comes from a customer (whether it is a cell phone or a land line), if a user is on the phone with another customer, they cannot see the incoming calls. Instead the call alerts others in the group. Is there a way, besides allowing them to see the calls through the workgroup queue, for users to see incoming calls while on the phone with other customers or perhaps set up one person only who can see these calls, such as an office manager? Thank you, Josue' Rodriguez

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