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  • 1.  Whisper mode precise

    Posted 12-11-2017 09:28
    I'm trying to set up a whisper for a campaign in precise mode (CIC 2016 R3). This type of call is not ACD so editing the Eic_CustomWhisperFile attribute is not valid. I have created a subroutine with an alert method in analysis policy call. The agent listens to the whisper properly but the client feels a double delay and an uncomfortable silence, although the duration whisper Tone Duration is 0.25 s and the call waiting Tone Duration is 0.25 s. The agent has activated the autoanswer non-ACD Interactions and he hears two beeps. I suspect there is a previous alert. Is there a previous handler that can be customized to reduce this delay? Any idea how to set up whisper in precise mode with less possible silence? Thanks ,

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