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  • 1.  Dynamic URL in an iFrame on the script... URGENT!

    Posted 05-26-2013 08:18
    So, here is the idea... I am having a sepparate call center software that works as a web application... I would like to be able to display it on an ES script...BUT... the "page" that should be displayed is relevant to the customer who is dialed... and the url is formated like this: \\Localhost\index.aspx?ID=123456 where the number behind the = is a unique for every customer and it should be populated dynamicaly based on... tadaaaaaaa.... predictive dialer... So, we have working predictive campaigns... 2 things i need.... 1. when a predictive dialer connects to a client, it should read the field in the database related to that phone number... that is the dynamical number mentioned... it should store it to a variable or an attribute for scriter to use... 2. When the mentioned number becomes "available", it should "paste" it to the end of the fixed URL in the iFrame and load that page of the call center application... we sofar use the attribute for displaying a number to dial... created a policy in the PreCall analysis part... but this should i guess be the "after successful connection" analysis... and i dont know the syntax for retrieving the database field after the call has been connected... Any help? guidlines? thanks

  • 2.  RE: Dynamic URL in an iFrame on the script... URGENT!

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    Posted 05-29-2013 15:41
    Hi peraklo, In order to assign a database value from a contact list record to a Dialer call only after it has a positive live speaker detection event, you'll want to use a call analysis policy with a condition that has a Condition Type of "Call Analysis" which evaluates whether the remote party is a Live Person. The behavior type for this policy should be "Call Attribute". The Attribute for this behavior should be a name your EasyScripter script can reference. I recommend following a naming convention you can refer to with all call attributes (typically something like CustomerName_AttributeType. The Value for that policy behavior should be set using the Macro dialog to "Attribute:[contact list column]" for Dialer 3.0 or "ContactAttribute:contact list column" for Dialer 4.0. Be sure to select this using the built-in Macro tool in the Policy Behavior dialog, otherwise it will not work properly. If you have questions surrounding the Call Analysis Policy configuration process, the Dialer Admin Guide is a good point of reference starting on page 152. Let me know if that answers your question or if you need clarification on how to reference that attribute within your script. -Brian

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