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  • 1.  Parked Call Alerting

    Posted 04-29-2011 20:05
    Hello I'm having trouble getting the "Parked Call Alerting" to work. If I place a call on orbit and no sales staff picks up the call I want to be alerted after 1 min. I have selected the check box for "Display Desktop Alert for new parked calls" as well as "Play audio alert for new parked calls At regular intervals 1" I have tried this multiple times with no sucess. Basically the receptionist needs to be notified after so many seconds if a sales person hasn't picked up an orbit call. Any help would be great!

  • 2.  RE: Parked Call Alerting

    Posted 08-04-2011 18:27
    I am trying to use this feature with no success. Is there anyone out there using it successfully

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