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  • 1.  Launching calls from another platform

    Posted 12-29-2016 17:22
    I am looking to launch calls from a third party application that resides on a separate Windows server. It is my hope that some "string of data" can be sent from this windows server to the CIC, allowing the call to launch, and connect to the appropriate agent. Agents telnet into this windows server, They have the interaction client running on their desktop, and can make calls from there, so this must be possible. I would need to know how the data needs to be formatted, and what command can be sent from this separate server, and to how/where to send it. End result, the call is launched and connected to the agents desk phone, just as if they had use the dialing feature in the desktop client. I want to send and be able to report on a unique call ID which will be supplied by the outside server (like an account #) which will be alphanumeric (including :), and be 55-65 characters long. This ID will be unique for every call, and will include account # agent name and other information (separated by the : ) Any thoughts, or if there is an off-the-shelf solution to send the data, that's fine, and thanks in advance.

  • 2.  RE: Launching calls from another platform

    Posted 12-29-2016 21:31
    The things you mention are easy enough to do...in several different ways. Nothing out-of-the-box. I think it would help folks on the forums give you better advice if you share your own expertise a bit...are you comfortable writing code in VC++, C#, VB? How about REST or SOAP based web services? I know there are several folks who out here who can give you guidance, based on what you are comfortable with. You might take a look at the online documentation (help.inin.com and developer.inin.com) for IC Web Services (ICWS), IceLib, and SOAP Listener, which would be the three main options I would look at.

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