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  • 1.  Field differences

    GCAP Member
    Posted 12-15-2019 17:32

    I am trying to identify the exact differences in iagentqueuetats between tacw and tacwcomplete.

    I can see from the data dictionary that tacw will span over multiple intervals for the one interaction and tacwcomplete will only show in the interval the interaction was disconnected.

    I know that tacw captures an agent selecting acw not directly after an interaction. Is tacwcomplete the same?

    Sorry if I have misinterpreted the data dictionary but any insights would be great.



    Dak Doyle
    NIB Health Funds Limited

  • 2.  RE: Field differences

    Posted 12-17-2019 09:37

    To the best of my knowledge ACW is only counted if the agent goes into follow up status from the ACD configuration on the queue. In other words if they are manually selecting a status after completing a call this status should not add to ACW time.


    Mark Tatera

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  • 3.  RE: Field differences

    Posted 12-18-2019 13:59
    Hey folks -

    So the fields do behave a little bit differently.  iAgentQueueStats.tACW will track the amount of time an agent spends in a system assigned ACW status.  iAgentQueueStats.tACWComplete will track that full amount of time in the system assigned ACW session, but will track that full amount of time in the interval in which it completes.

    SCENARIO01: Agent01 disconnects a call and is put into Follow Up status  at 1:40.  The Follow Up lasts 5 minutes, and they are put back into Available status at 1:45.  In this case, tACW and tACWComplete for Agent01 in the iAgentQueueStats view will both be 300 (number of seconds in system assigned Follow Up status (tACW) and the full 5 minutes completed in the 1:30 interval (tACWComplete)).

    SCENARIO02:  Agent01 disconnects a call and is put into a Follow Up status at 1:58.  The Follow Up lasts 5 minutes, and they are put back into Available status at 2:03.  In this case, for the 1:30 interval tACW = 120 and tACWComplete = 0 (because the Follow Up session did not complete in this interval).
    The 2:00 interval for this scenario show tACW = 180 and tACWComplete = 300 (because the full Follow Up session completed in this interval, and it lasted 5 minutes).

    Neither field will track manually set Follow Up time, like "Extended Follow Up" that is agent selectable, out of the box.  That time will be tracked in iAgentQueueStats.tAgentInACW.

    However, it also depends WHEN the agent selects the "Extended Follow Up" status.  If the select that status while they are still in the system assigned Follow Up, then that Extended Follow Up will still be tied to the previous ACD interaction.  If they go from system assigned Follow Up, back to Available (even for a split second), then select Extended Follow Up, SCENARIO02 above still applies.  Because they went back to Available, the manually selected Extended Follow Up will not be tied to an ACD interaction.

    Lastly, it depends on certain server parameters that may be in play within a system as well.  Have a look here, specifically at the StatServer_* related parameters:

    There are server parameters that can be enabled that impact how FollowUp and Extended Follow Up type statuses impact the data gathered in the tACW fields in the database.

    Isn't tracking ACW fun!?  :-)

    Trent Vance
    Avtex Solutions, LLC

  • 4.  RE: Field differences

    GCAP Member
    Posted 10-15-2021 17:47

    Hi Trent,

    I came across this post, looking for ACW behavior documentation, is there any more other than what is here in the Server Parameters.   This does confirm what I have thought was the behavior for many years, but some related questions have come up here at ACC, I need to be absolutely certain of behavior in all scenarios & Server parameter settings.    So……..

    In regard to Server Parameter:  "StatServer_AlwaysTrackACWForLastACDInteraction"  Can you confirm 2 things,  when this parameter is set to False.

    1. If an agent changes to an ACW status 1 minute 58 seconds after interaction disconnect,  it will track the ACW time beyond the 2-minute mark, correct?
    2. If an agent is automatically assigned to an ACW status when the interaction disconnects, status expires, agent goes to a none "ACW" status, and then changes 2 a "ACW status within 2 minutes, the time of the 2nd ACW  status will be tracked, correct?

    The definition for the behavior of StatServer_CombineConsecutiveAcwStatus Changes when set to "True" is not clear to me.

    1. Will this track ACW time for status manually selected after 2 minutes?
    2. Will it track all ACW time when status flip flop between ACW and non ACW, including ACW status selected after 2 minutes?



    Peter Schroeder
    American Customer Care, Inc