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  • 1.  Polycom SIP Phone for BYOC

    Top 25 Contributor
    Posted 10-11-2021 00:30

    I am in phase of evaluating BYOC cloud & I will be using Polycom SIP Phone for the testing.
    Would like to know whether Polycom SIP Phone works with proxy (Cloud proxy like Zscaler) to connect to Genesys Cloud for both Media & Signaling.

    Is there any use cases of using Polycom SIP Phone using Proxy for using BYOC Cloud ?

    Rajeev Srikant

  • 2.  RE: Polycom SIP Phone for BYOC

    Posted 10-11-2021 12:25

    This forum is dedicated to the PureConnect product line. It looks like you are referring to Genesys Cloud. You will probably have more luck if you ask your question on the Genesys Cloud CX forum, which is dedicated to that product line.

    Paul Simpson
    Senior Technical Instructor