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  • 1.  Remote Job Opportunity

    Posted 09-21-2021 12:32
    We are looking to add a REMOTE PureConnect Engineer to my Team at UnitedHealth Group/Optum!

    It's a typical engineer role and the link below is to the job posting. Our PureConnect system is in our own little corner of UHG with only about 2000 users for 1 line of business. We do about 12-15 million outbound dialer calls per month. We have a stable 2020 R1 deployment, and solid team of experienced engineers. There is rarely turnover on our Team and this role is open due to some staff shuffling due to a team member getting Covid and not returning to work.

    Send me an email at michael_bishop@optum.com with your resume or any questions.

    **This role is NOT related to the 300k users PureEngage platform at UHG.

    #job #jobposting #engineer #opportunity

    Job Details


    Michael Bishop
    UnitedHealth Group/Optum

  • 2.  RE: Remote Job Opportunity

    Posted 09-21-2021 13:27
    Hey Michael,

    Thanks for posting, our Community Team will keep a look-out in case anyone is looking for a role like this.

    Appreciate you sharing the opportunity!


    Melissa Ly
    Genesys - Employees