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CIC down notification strategies

  • 1.  CIC down notification strategies

    Posted 03-31-2021 17:30
    Does anyone have a strategy for notification if the CIC is down or is there a way to auto check and send a notification?  My scenario is we have new people doing our monthly MS OS patches, and they do not use switch over (I know) to do so. This often (every 3 to 5 months) leads to a period of time after a patch where we stop taking calls and it is as such until someone notices. I know this is unique as we only use IA to handle calls and interact with Web Services to provide info and take payments.  There are no regular internal human users of our system.

    Just starting to develop a strat and was looking for any possible solutions that might be known by the community.

    Christopher Becker
    State of Michigan - Oakland County - WRC

  • 2.  RE: CIC down notification strategies

    Posted 04-01-2021 10:25
    Chris, You can set up alerts using ICBM that would notify you if you go into switchover or your switchover isn't available. You would go to your system within ICBM and set these. https://help.genesys.com/pureconnect/mergedprojects/wh_is/desktop/manage_alerts.htm

    Sheldon Goodrich
    Edelman Financial Engines, LLC