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  • 1.  Change Caller ID in Attendant

    Posted 06-15-2020 14:43
    Is there a way to change the caller id in Attendant? I have a profile that runs a handler to get the value of a Server Parameter and assigns it to the Eic_AttDynamicExternalNumber. I then use a External Transfer to send the call to that number. I want to know if I can change the caller id of the person calling the Attendant Profile to a different number?


    Andrew Wooster
    Genesco Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Change Caller ID in Attendant

    Posted 06-16-2020 07:24
    Looks like you could set the EIC_RemoteTn attribute on the call that you are transferring.  It might mess up reporting, so you could always put your own code into the CustomIntAttExternalTransferEx handler, but this might do what you need.

    Jason Loucks
    Agon Consulting Services

  • 3.  RE: Change Caller ID in Attendant

    Posted 06-16-2020 08:11
    That worked, thanks Jason!

    Andrew Wooster
    Genesco Inc.

  • 4.  RE: Change Caller ID in Attendant

    Posted 12-19-2022 15:47
    Hi Andrew,

    We're trying to implement a similar call flow as yours. We needed to remove/replace the caller ID of an inbound call for confidentiality purposes before doing an external transfer. I just want to have an idea of how you implemented yours.

    Thank you.

    Peter Alsado
    EPCOR Utilities Inc

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