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Outbound SMS support in Interaction Connect

  • 1.  Outbound SMS support in Interaction Connect

    Posted 06-07-2021 03:34
    Edited by Prem M 06-08-2021 03:55
    In order to bring in SMS feature parity between Interaction Desktop and Interaction Connect, we have prioritized and chartered Outbound SMS support in Interaction Connect. However, to keep the churning faster, we wish to phase our releases so that customers can start using Interaction Connect sooner. While the base features like having a responsive icon in the navigation bar, right click a directory contact to send an SMS, add phone numbers manually in the recipient list are pre-requisites, I want to understand from our stakeholders as to which of these features would you consider as a MUST for the transition? Please note that all the features would eventually be built in IConnect but we look for your inputs on what would you use more so that we plan our phases accordingly.

    • Send text message to tracker contact(s)
    • Send text message to workgroup directories
    • Saving frequently used phone numbers in a list on your workstation and sending SMS to those contacts
    • Integration with Response Management

    You can reach out to me saiprem.m@genesys.com, Product Manager for PureConnect User Clients

    Sai Prem M
    Genesys - Employees