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  • 1.  WebRTC integration: Intermittent Issue

    Posted 11-26-2021 09:30
    Hi all,

    We have the WebRTC integration with our 2020 R2 P7 PureConnect environment and we recently started seeing a strange issue that appears to be affecting a handful of agents.
    When these agents log into the Web-based Phone via Interaction Connect and attempt to pick-up an ACD call, the client appears to connect the call, but agent hears only silence while the remote end hears the agent's voicemail prompt.
    The same symptoms occur if the agent makes an outbound call - the agent hears only silence and the remote end hears the voicemail prompt when they answer the call.
    We have cases open with both PureConnect and PureCloud support, and we also have our internal network folks taking a look, but so far we've not been able to identify the cause.
    We've combed through the agent configurations in both PureConnect and PureCloud as well and there doesn't appear to be anything that sets them apart from any other agent in either system.

    Has anyone here experienced this issue or something similar with the WebRTC integration?



    Brandon Weaver

  • 2.  RE: WebRTC integration: Intermittent Issue

    Posted 02-01-2022 17:36
    We've ran into this issue again. We have isolated it to what appears to be an issue within Genesys Cloud or an issue with the Integration between PureConnect and Genesys Cloud. We can sign into a workstation for a user that is experiencing the issue and place/answer calls fine. So it seems to be isolated to a user account issue vs. anything to do with ports or blocks. Previously we could delete and restore the user within Genesys Cloud as a workaround to resolve.

    We're starting to see the issue being reported again by a handful of users. Has anyone ran into a similar issues using the PureConnect web based phone? We're not getting a lot of traction with either PureConnect or Genesys Cloud support as of yet.

    Thanks all,


  • 3.  RE: WebRTC integration: Intermittent Issue

    Posted 02-17-2022 17:56
    I can't say anything more but curious if you got your issues solved and what was the cause.  I have a couple of customers also using this and I would agree that it seems like resolution and stability of this integration is lacking.  If there are others, it may be worth pulling together to ask for a bigger focus on this integration or gain a WebRTC client that is built for PureConnect.  I know many years ago now that was discussed but as Genesys Cloud has continued to grow that went away.  I am sure you are frustrated and so are we.

    So yes we are others experiencing the similar pains with this integration.  I have actually stopped other customers from purchasing until the stability improves.

    Bob King
    ConvergeOne, Inc.

  • 4.  RE: WebRTC integration: Intermittent Issue

    Posted 02-18-2022 08:35
    First thing I'll mention is that in order to make any real traction with Genesys support when it comes to the WebRTC integration with PureConnect, you need to submit duplicate support cases: one with "PureConnect On-Premises" support and another with "Genesys Cloud CX" support and make sure each of them are aware of the other case.

    It turns out that the original issue was (and still is) being caused by an agent's status getting stuck in a "Busy" status on the Gen Cloud side of the integration.
    You can see this in the Gen Cloud instance by looking up the agent who's experiencing the issue.
    So, be sure to check that if this issue pops up.
    One hurdle we ran into is that if the Gen Cloud instance exists only for a WebRTC integration with Pure Connect, you will not have all of the typical ACD features in Gen Cloud available for you to manage, one of them being the ability to toggle a status.
    So, in order to clear the "Busy" status in Gen Cloud, we had to resort to deleting and then restoring the user. That will reset the status and resolve the issue.
    *After restoring the user in Gen Cloud, make sure you reassign the appropriate roles/licenses as those get removed when deleting a user.

    This issue is on-going and both cases are still open.
    We're hoping Genesys can either provide a solution that will prevent the PureConnect WebRTC agent's status from getting stuck in "Busy" altogether, or at least make the status feature in Gen Cloud something we can manipulate so that we don't have to perform the delete/restore process each time the issue occurs.

    Hope that helps!

    Brandon Weaver