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WebRTC integration: Intermittent Issue

  • 1.  WebRTC integration: Intermittent Issue

    Posted 11-26-2021 09:30
    Hi all,

    We have the WebRTC integration with our 2020 R2 P7 PureConnect environment and we recently started seeing a strange issue that appears to be affecting a handful of agents.
    When these agents log into the Web-based Phone via Interaction Connect and attempt to pick-up an ACD call, the client appears to connect the call, but agent hears only silence while the remote end hears the agent's voicemail prompt.
    The same symptoms occur if the agent makes an outbound call - the agent hears only silence and the remote end hears the voicemail prompt when they answer the call.
    We have cases open with both PureConnect and PureCloud support, and we also have our internal network folks taking a look, but so far we've not been able to identify the cause.
    We've combed through the agent configurations in both PureConnect and PureCloud as well and there doesn't appear to be anything that sets them apart from any other agent in either system.

    Has anyone here experienced this issue or something similar with the WebRTC integration?



    Brandon Weaver