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  • 1.  ICBM - Transfer Report

    Posted 09-21-2018 10:46
    Is there a report that I can run that will display which ACD Agents transferred calls to a specific ACD queue?

    For example if an agent receives an ACD call in the Tier 1 ACD workgroup and they transfer the call to the Tier 2 ACD Workgroup queue.   I just want to know who is transferring the calls to the Tier 2 Queue and how many calls they transfer.

    Thank you for any information or tips to receive this data!

  • 2.  RE: ICBM - Transfer Report

    Posted 06-21-2022 00:34
    Hi Bradely, 

    Were you able to find a way for this? 



    Hussein Alshamiri
    Hadef Information Technology Co.

  • 3.  RE: ICBM - Transfer Report

    Posted 06-22-2022 09:29
    Hello All - 

    Unfortunately you cannot see this information with OOB reports.  With certain reports, OOB, you can see that an interaction was transferred or that an agent transferred interactions.  But you cannot see anything about the caller, the destination of the transfer, how long the agent was connected to the call prior to transferring, etc. 

    The good news though, is that if you navigate to IA -> Interaction Tracker -> Configuration -> Items Tracked tab, you can enable "Track Routing Exceptions".  This allows the system to begin tracking Transfers, Flow Outs, and Abandons at a very granular level in the database.  Once enabled, look at the EE_AbandonEvents_viw, EE_FlowOutEvents_viw, and EE_TransferEvents_viw views in the database.

    All of these DB views are pretty easy to interpret.  In the case of the transfer events view, you can see the InteractionIDKey, time of the transfer in UTC, agent who transfer source (both agent and queue if appropriate), transfer destination (both agent and source if appropriate), as well as the amount of time in milliseconds the transferring agent had to call prior to the transfer.

    We've also built a report in Power BI to leverage this information (as well as the info for FlowOuts and Abandons).  Here is a screenshot to help visualize.  But this shows:

    • The number of transfers from the source queue
    • Agent data about who is making transfers
      • Including  which queue they are going to and which agent receives the transfer
    • Number of transfers by destination queue
    • Transfers by Hour
      • And can be drilled into 30 minutes and 15 minute levels of granularity
    • Breakout of transfers by year and month
      • And can be drilled into transfers by day, for trending analysis.

    Furthermore, you can drill use this report to drill into the actual details of the transfer interaction to see callidkey, ANI, DNIS, EventLog, Notes, Skills, etc (in the 2nd screenshot):

    I hope this helps.  But Step01 is to go enable Track Routing Exceptions in the Interaction Tracker Config.


    Trent Vance
    Avtex Solutions, LLC

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