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  • 1.  Scheduled Reports Monitor logs off immediately

    Posted 12-15-2021 08:13
    Hey community got a an odd one and i took it to my VAR and they brought it up to Genesys support but so far no one has an answer.

    Newer install of 2021 R1 P13.

    Scheduled Reports worked fine for abut a month and then stopped.
    When I look at the Monitor Logs you can see it logon to CIC then logoff the account. So the monitor service is not connected to CIC to kick off scheduled reports.

    Its connection rules puts it on our 009 OSSM, I logged in as that CIC account to desktop and ICBM just fine> Nut looking at SM logs it shows a log off as well.

    Client services logs show an error on getting the Tracker licenses which i have assigned the account and removed form the account which also should not be needed for SR to work.

    Things that have been tried, creating a new CIC account and re setting up the connection in SR Configurator
    Reboot of SR server
    restart of Client services and Admin Server subsystems on CIC.



    ryan hedlund

  • 2.  RE: Scheduled Reports Monitor logs off immediately

    Posted 12-16-2021 03:59
    Scheduled Reports needs IC Authentication. If you disable IC Authentication (e.g. to use Windows Integrated Authentication only), scheduled reports will not work.
    See Idea COOPLA-I-211

    Andreas Tikart
    Fiebig GmbH

  • 3.  RE: Scheduled Reports Monitor logs off immediately

    Posted 01-15-2022 10:48
    An update after Switching over and rebooting CIC server SR started working again.

    Also got an update on that tracker license trace, that is super generic and has no value.

    ryan hedlund