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Accessing interactions waiting in the queue

  • 1.  Accessing interactions waiting in the queue

    Posted 11 days ago
    Good morning everyone.

    We often have incoming emails that are waiting in the queue to be delivered to an agent. Depending on workload, we can have emails waiting 24-48 hours before they actually get delivered to an agent for handling. We sometimes have a requirement to grab one of these waiting emails and jump it to the front of the queue, or disconnect it if the customer has called and their enquiry resolved over the phone.

    I can see that there are emails waiting in the queue, but can't view the actual content of the email and don't appear to have any ability to accept it or assign it. From what I've been told, what I'm wanting to do is not possible (without customisation), just wondering if anyone else has this same requirement and has worked out a way to handle it.


    Kristian Andrejewskis
    A Noble & Son