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Desktop Client Monitored Line Appearances

  • 1.  Desktop Client Monitored Line Appearances

    Posted 02-13-2020 10:12
    We are currently in the process of moving in phases from 3.0 SU19 to 2019 R2. Our exec admins use the Desktop Client and have a number of monitored line appearances. Some of those also appear on there phone as shared line appearances.
    In 30 the monitored line appearance had "Ring telephone for calls" unchecked. When a call came in for that monitored line they were able to send the call to voicemail via the desktop alert.
    With the new Desktop client 2019 R2 it is not possible to send call to voicemail if "Ring telephone for calls" is not checked. Only after you answer the call can you send to voice mail.
    Is this just a WAD in this version of client or is a setting or parameter that will allow "transfer to voicemail" with ring unchacked.

    Thanks in advance.

    Vito Denaro