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No ugly sweater, no problem! Here's how to DIY your own!

  • 1.  No ugly sweater, no problem! Here's how to DIY your own!

    Posted 12-14-2021 15:24
    Edited by Melissa Ly 12-14-2021 15:27

    Hey Genesys Casual, 

    Have you RSVPed yet for our Ugly Sweater Holiday Zoom Party on Friday afternoon? 

    We'll be gathering with members from across our communities to connect and kick off the holidays. There is even a special Godiva Holiday Gift Basket up for grabs for whoever's voted 'ugly sweater casualty.

    If you don't have an ugly sweater, don't fret. Just follow these three steps! 

    1. Grab a crewneck sweater, turtleneck, or top of any kind from your closet. 
    2. Look around your home for any items that could spruce your sweater. This could be garland, wrapping paper, a funny photo, whatever makes you laugh. You could print out or rip a picture out of a magazine and use it to add some dimension to your sweater. Use double-sided tape or a safety pin to tack them onto your shirt, and you're all set! Remember, the uglier and sillier, the better! 
    3. You're all ready to go!

    Don't forget to share the event with your team members and friends. All are welcome! 


    Melissa Ly
    Genesys - Employees

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