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Emergency Groups for Chat Questions

  • 1.  Emergency Groups for Chat Questions

    Posted 10-15-2021 14:21


    I have a few questions about the emergency groups for chat.

    1. Emergency Group in Action Maps.

    When assigning an Emergency group to an action map, what does that do? I am asking because I believe the architect flow is not referenced in the action map, so does that mean when activating the action map emergency group, it automatically stops offering chats to customers?

    2. Closed hours for a schedule group in action maps.

    When assigning a schedule group to an action map, does it automatically recognizes Open/Closed hours?

    3. Emergency Group in Inbound Chat architect flow.

    Do the Emergency Group apply to Inbound chat flows? I have done some testing and it seems be working. However, as I was told initially that Emergency groups don't work for webchat, I am curious if someone can confirm.

    Thank you,


    Louis D.