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Switchpair stand alone mode and workgroup interval reports

  • 1.  Switchpair stand alone mode and workgroup interval reports

    Posted 12 days ago

    Curious if anyone else has ran into this data issue.

    We have a 2020R2 switchpair configured and communicating across our WAN. We typically have no issues.
    There are times however that our MPLS/WAN has an issue and during that time each IC server "stands alone".
    During this stand alone time period, let's assume we have 50% of our calls are routing into the location of one IC server and the other 50% routing into the location of our second IC server.
    What we have discovered is the calls that are routing into the IC server that has write access to our SQL server shows workgroup interval data during the stand alone period
    Calls however that come into the second IC server that doesn't have real-time SQL write access during this WAN outage, do NOT get written to workgroup interval data tables.
    Call Detail and Agent summary data both seem to be fine, this issue seems solely focused on workgroup summary data.
    We do typically reprocess PMQ once we restore the switch pair after the WAN/MPLS issue has been resolved.

    Has anyone ran into data/reporting issues similar to this during a stand alone period?