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Initiating and receiving SIP calls with Twilio

  • 1.  Initiating and receiving SIP calls with Twilio

    Posted 08-05-2020 23:17
    I currently have a PureConnect inbound Attendant IVR with an option that sends callers over to a Twilio voice bot via PSTN. Once the caller finishes with the chat bot, there is an option within Twilio to send the caller back over to the PureConnect IVR via PSTN.

    To improve the customer experience, we would like to switch from PTSN to SIP and pass UUI data between the two systems. I'm unable to find any reference for setting up that SIP connection between PureConnect and Twilio. Has anyone had experience with passing calls to and from Twilio via SIP? I'm looking for some guidance.


    Corey Blosser
    Wolters Kluwer